F8 Hardwood

Fence Droppers 

75x38                             3”x1.5”
75x50                             3”x2”
100x38                           4”x1.5”
100x50                           4”x2”
100x75                           4”x2.5”
150x25                           6”x1”
150x38                           6”x1.5”
150x50                           6”x2”
(Other Sizes available)

50x38 Fencing Droppers    2”x1.5”
50x50 Fencing Droppers    2”x2”

Fence Palings 



F grades for sawn timber are provided by the visual stress grade system or by the machine stress grading system. Our F8 Timber is green sawn from fresh Logs using a mixture of Quarter saw and Back saw methods. Then they are visually assessed for their strength. We have a selection of Messmate which is very similar to Tasmanian Oak in colour and feature. Common uses for our timber include but is not limited to fencing, Sheering Sheds, Cattle Yards, Storage Sheds and Pump stations.